Friday, 28 October 2011

my first time abroad...

Some people say: "the first time we never forget"... hehe... My first time abroad was in a trip to Disney world Orlando/ Miami with my sister... a WONDERFUL trip and I recommend to everyone...even if you are one of those who "don't like Disney" I'll tell you, It's a magical place, really good to anyone from 1 to 100 years old (or more)without a doubt... (still don't believe me? first you go then we can talk.. hehe)...

I was already 21 and in my head, going to America would be easy because I knew a bit of english... NO, was absolutelly a disaster!!!! hahahaha.. because you study english... you are in "intermediate" level class.. you think you know "english"!!!??? (pause hehe... sorry babe, that is NOT english!! hehehe)...If you really want to learn english you must go OUT, is tottaly  different ...I remember going to that trip thinking that I could at least talk, make little chats, ask for informations...but when you get there... nothing!! and then you see yourself asking for a lollipop to a vendor by licking your finger with your tonge...hahahaha...  terrible!!! Why??? was I nervous???... I also almost (I said ALMOST) ask for a "face cream" as a "face Vanilla" (because in portuguese the translation for "vanilla" sometimes is "cream").. oh my!!! hehehe... And I have to tell that I've NEVER said that to anyone!!! I made sooo many mistakes... I felt such an idiot... hehehe... but, after a nice shower I could think: ok, but can only make this kind of mistakes who have been there... those who've tried to left their houses e GO abroad and try... and don't be ashamed of making mistakes, errors... in the safety of my house, I'd never improved my english enough!!! At this point I had to change my mind... If I want to know more... if I want to inprove... I have to start taking risks... (and that is for many things in our lives.. not only about learning a new language...)

I made more mistakes in that trip... hahahaha.. many more... of course not as embarassing as myself  licking my finger to ask for a lollipop!! hahahahaha, but happens... and made me want much more!!! A year later I returned to Miami with my parents.. and that was a veeery different trip, I was more confident to do things, ask things, even a tornado  passed by us... a real one, and we could understand what we should do, without asking for translation!!!

Moral? never give up... don't be afraid of making mistakes... don't be afraid of trying... the best think to "cut the ice" is learning how to "laugh at yourself"... it's really fun and helps!!!

Have a nice weekend!!!

* Do you have any story like that? Have you ever been "lost-in-translation" like me?? If you want to share you can put as a comment or e-mail me and we can make a new post and laugh together.... hehehe... let's see!

Monday, 24 October 2011


First of all I need to  introduce myself: My name is Carla (and that's my baby girl, Tallulah). I’m Brazilian (from Porto Alegre)but I live in Italy. I’ve always been  passionate about English… in 2002, just 6 months after  my graduation (in Social Communication/ Publishing and Advertising) my husband and I we’ve decided to go abroad to study and improve our English… Since then, we’ve been to America, England and now in Italy . Since 2005 I’ve been teaching “English as a Second Language”.. a kind of work I’d never thought I would do… don’t  ask me why… but just after a few months I fell in love on this “way” of teaching: for foreigners (speaker of other languages)

As a non-english native person, more than just “give” lessons I needed (still need) to practice.. a lot.. always… I need to learn and improve every day to be able to “teach” something (give, share)... Teach English is not just open a book and give lessons, it’s not enough to “know” English… now I have pupils, I have questions that have to be answered and it's NOT easy, not at all!!

So, I was thinking… since my field is “communications”, I thought of a good way to practice… creating this blog. I believe I have a very good “ear”, I have a very good understanding and I think I also can communicate (speak) quite well but I NEED to write more. I’ve been offered to teach a class in a “British Institute” here in Italy, I want to do a Master in Linguistics, I want to get more jobs as a translator  as well and for that I need to keep pushing and learning  and practicing.

When I had the idea of making a new blog all in English (I’ve got one already, but written in Portuguese) I couldn’t think of a better name as “lost in translation” as I will be sometimes (hehehe), but hoping to improve day-by-day.. or I’d say post-by-post??? (hehe) and for that, if you have any ideas, thoughts, questions, fears… hehehehe… just tell me!!!  I’ll try to write at least once a week and talk about everything… and if you have something “good” to say, please… be my guest… If you have something bad to say? (in a really bad way I mean) Go and find another blog to bother!! Hahahahahaha…

I’ll try to write about English, about travels, about other languages, different cultures, people… and if like me, you have ever been “lost in translation” we will find a way to laugh together here…

See you soon!!